A magnificent ridge walk on the edge of the metropolis

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2 Responses to “Walk 15. MOUNT BIJIA RIDGE WALK”

  1. 1 Sara K. March 1, 2012 at 10:11 am

    I tried this walk today. So far so good … until I reached the electricity pylon. After that, the trail ribbons seemed to be going in the wrong direction, but I couldn’t see the trail going anywhere else, and when in doubt, follow the ribbons. By the time it was apparent that I was definitely going in the wrong direction, I felt I was too far along to go back, and there were lots of trail ribbons on a clearly defined trail going *somewhere*. Eventually, I found myself in Shiding again.

    I clearly got “lost” around the electricity pylon, so could you give some more detailed information about how to continue so that I can find the correct trail next time?

    For anyone who wants to try the alternate route – which is more gentle and, IMO, prettier than the route described in the book, here it is:

    1. From Shiding bus stop, cross the bridge on the right, then the second bridge on the right, and follow the street to the elementary school.
    2. At the elementary school, turn left. Soon you will be next to a stream. Turn right to follow the stream. Continue straight for about ten minutes on a paved path, with the stream to your left.
    3. At a place where there is a bridge crossing the stream, there will be a very obvious trail turning to the right. Turn right onto the trail.
    4. The trail is clearly defined and well-ribboned, and follows a stream. Eventually, you will reach some ruined buildings on the left. Shortly after passing the ruins, the trail forks. To get to the pylon, take the trail on the right.
    5. The trail continues to be well-defined with lots of ribbons. Eventually, there will be a series of switchbacks. After the switchbacks, you will find yourself under the electricity pylon.

    I think when I try Mt. Bijia again I’ll take this alternate route because it’s the lovelier route.

    • 2 Richard March 1, 2012 at 12:53 pm

      Hi Sara,
      Thanks once again for the feedback, which is always much appreciated. Plus I haven’t followed the alternative route you describe – I’ll have to try it one day!
      It’s interesting the route isn’t clear at the electricity pole, because the trail ‘should’ simply pass beside the pylon (if I remember right it doesn’t pass right under it) and continue ahead straight, up the steep little slope directly in front – in fact the trail keeps basically to the top of the ridge all the way until the final descent at point 9. It’s also a very popular route these days, so I’m intrigued to see what happened to make the route unclear here. Most likely the recent heavy rains either pummeled the thick undergrowth into obscuring the route here or someone tore the ribbons off the main route because they thought they were littering the natural countryside (it happens occasionally).
      Hope you enjoyed your day anyway and the way is clearer when you go again!

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