Spectacular waterfalls above Yilan’s premier hot spring resort


September 2015:

The Yuemeikang Waterfall Trail is passable – a little damaged by Typhoon Sudelor in August 2015 but not serious. Buses from Taipei to Jiaoxi now stop at a bus station on the edge of town before continuing into the hot spring area. Get off at this bus station. The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus to Wufengqi and the trailhead now starts from here.

   The Wufengqi Scenic Area bus stop for the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus now stops at a large car park about 200 meters before the entrance to Wufengqi Waterfalls. A wide stone path from the car park goes upstream along the river to the weir. From there the route description to Yuemeikang is unchanged.

September 2012:

(thanks to Joseph!):

The Yuemeikeng trail is supposedly nearly impassible now, unless you’re ready with climbing gear.  I didn’t see it myself, but a few friends went yesterday and found that the section that goes over and around one of the small waterfalls doesn’t exist anymore, and there was no good alternative route they could make out.
But Leigh has a different account:
 Trail to Yuemeikang Waterfall. I was there on Sun 16th Sep. 2012 and reached the waterfall with no problem. PS. The ‘indistinct trail’ to the left after the zig zag section is now clearly signposted in a “gold” sign.

July 2011:

 The Taiwan Shuttle Bus from Jiaosi to the trailhead (a relatively newly introduced service which seems to be taking ages to settle down) now stops in the large car park for Wufengchi Waterfall, a couple of hundred meters before the trailhead for the falls, where the directions start. Simply walk out the car park to the road, turn left and follow it to the O km mark and the trailhead and follow the directions from there, or follow the parallel path between the river and the road (signposted ‘Wufengci’) and at the road at the end turn left down to the weir to pick up the route directions.

   Yuemeikang is also on the cusp of becoming much better known. The once narrow trail down to the stream below the waterfall has become a lot wider during the first half of 2011 and there’s a clear sign at the junction, so it’s much easier to find the way now than before. The way up to the waterfall is as unspoilt and beautiful as ever, though. Hope it stays that way!

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  1. 1 philippe July 10, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Really great.
    One my Welsh friend, formerly teaching English in Taiwan for 7 years,now based in Paris provided me your website.
    You might be interrested to have a look to my Taiwan pics

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