Atmospheric alleys and magnificent scenery in gold rush country


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2 Responses to “Day Trip 5. JIUFEN and MOUNT JILONG”

  1. 1 Sara K. September 25, 2011 at 1:09 am

    After finishing the Xiaozukeng Old Trail, I continued to Ruifang via the Liulang Old Trail. Though it’s a very pleasant walk, I think I get why it is not listed as a separate walk – if I had come all the way to Jiufen *just* for this walk I think I would have been disappointed. However, I thought it made a nice extension of the Xiaozukeng Old Trail.

    Yes, part of Liulang is neglected, but after making my way to the peak of Mt. Xiaozukeng, it didn’t seem overgrown at all.

    At the end of the trail the path is blocked. There is a sign says something along the lines of “Danger! Work in progrss! Do not enter!” I didn’t see any ‘work’ in progress, and if there really were work in progress, wouldn’t the sensible thing be to block both entrances to the trail so that someone doesn’t have to completely re-trace their steps? Anyway, I found a way to walk around the block, and nothing bad happened to me.

    By the way, when you reach the road, you have to turn left. I wasn’t sure, but made an educated (and correct) guess based on the landscape. I didn’t think the road walking along route 102 to Ruifang was particularly difficult. But then again, I 1) do not live in Taipei and 2) do not have a scooter, so I do a lot of road-walking as a part of my daily routine, so I am probably a lot more used to these conditions than before I moved to Taiwan. There were also a lot of taxis passing by, and there was a bus stop not far from the end of the trail, so those are also options for people who do not want to go road-walking.

    I look forward to future explorations of Northern Taiwan!

  2. 2 Richard September 25, 2011 at 2:10 am

    Thanks Sara!
    The blocked end of the trail is due to widening of the road between Ruifang and Jiufen. I agree, the road down to Ruifang is certainly no problem to walk if care is taken (although I didn’t think it much fun!). It’s worth pointing out though that at weekends catching a bus the last kilometer or two into Ruifang can’t be relied on, as (especially during the afternoons) most are packed to the gills with passengers from Jinguashi and Jiufen, and may not even stop for you.

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