A back-door trail to Jiufen

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2 Responses to “Walk 6. XIAOTZUKENG OLD TRAIL”

  1. 1 Sara K. September 25, 2011 at 1:00 am

    Another wonderful walk! This book is awesome. I found Xiaozukeng itself to be the highlight with its ghost town atmosphere.

    Some notes:

    1) Spiders. I was almost at the viewing platform past the land god shrine in Xiaozukeng when I found a spider had woven a large web in front of the path, and there was no way past without breaking the web. The same thing happened on the way to Silver Ribbon Waterfall. Now, if it were on the main path, I would have just broken the web while apologizing to the spider, but for a side path I’d feel too bad, so I left the spiders to eat bugs in peace. Oh well, on these walks, I care more about the journey than the destination.

    2) You didn’t mention how narrow and slippery (at least in moist weather) the path to Silver Ribbon Waterfall is. I had to use the ropes (and even with the rope I slipped once – no injury, it just got my clothes dirty).

    3) The trail to the peak of Mt. Xiaozukeng is overgrown. I would not have even known where the trail is without the signpost and the plastic ribbons. I had to force myself through a lot of ferns and silver grass. The way down was much easier because I had already (sort of) cleared the path with the force of my body on the ascent.

    4)I am finishing these walks faster than the times indicated in the book – for example, I finished this walk in about 2 1/2 hours (I also completed the Golden Characters Walk in less than 4 hours). That said, I’m a brisk walker, so the times might better reflect the typical person’s walking speed.

    After resting in Songde park for about 15 minutes, I continued to Liulang Old Trail, which I will comment on under Day Trip 5.

  2. 2 Lynnie June 15, 2015 at 6:44 am

    About the path to Silver Ribbon Waterfall, the path continues onwards, contouring along the hillside before linking up with the DaTzuKeng trail (part of Walk 5) just below the ruins of the mining village. It’s a bit rough but an interesting alternative to the stone steps and there are several more mine entrances and stone house remnants along the way.

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